Marfy 2631...the wearable muslin

Marfy 2631...the wearable muslin

I started the week in Raleigh NC and ended it in Burlington Vermont...... so I was really  happy that this came together in a couple of days, long full days I admit but it was pretty straightforward... 

Obviously there was nothing couture about the construction of this,   the only handsewing I used was with the zipper insertion.  I even dusted off my serger for the seams, I'd forgotten how much  fun that was!!  ( and in the spirit of honesty thats how the hem has remained...I could not face wrestling that today!)

and it helped me to decide that in future I will only use  good quality patterned cotton for  my muslins, this particular one was a  purchase from Mood Fabric a few years ago.

 Marfy's kind of need to be made almost to completion so that an order of construction can be worked out, and it helps me make sure that every piece fits where I think it should...and I admit I hate putting all that work into the cheapest cloth that ends up in the bin once i'm done, it feels like  such a waste.

 Its also so much easier to see where I need to match future patterned panels, and of course I get a second more casual dress out of the process!..

The front and back  bodice and skirt will need some future matching if I use a print, but the sides are very loose so it was incredibly useful to see that now rather than later, as this dress needs a huge amount of fabric.

I just got away with four yards, by trimming the back ties down almost six inches and working the upper bodice between the skirt panels.  I will need at least five yards if I want to panel match and six if there is directional pattern.  

There are four skirt panels , one enormous front panel, a support piece for the bust area, center front panel and the back piece all of which are made twice.

Its a fascinating pattern, each skirt panel is cut slightly differently which makes for a gorgeous silhouette as well as that incredible front bodice piece which starts at the front side bust and ends towards the knee on the back...very cool drafting.  You can just make it out here, its hard to photograph.

I love this dress, the neckline is different from what I expected from the original line drawing and  I like the more simpler look.,  its also so comfortable to wear which is great.

Its very versatile as well, I  put three bones into the back panels on each side and one each on the front bodice and center piece...... and it stays up nicely by itself  but it would need more  if the fabric was  heavier than a light weight cotton and you wanted the ties to just flow at the back.

However, I think  you could  get away with no boning at all if you use the ties as a halter, which was really comfortable and secure when I tried it, and it takes the elegance down a few levels for a more casual look....

There are only a couple of things I need to change going forward, one is the small band that runs around the bottom of the front bodice , its baggy joining the skirt, and the hem can be reduced by 4 inches on the next one, other than that this was straight from the packet....result!!

but I can't decide what to make next week, I usually have a fabric in mind for a second version and I don't for this....I'm also on a self imposed fabric ban until at least April next year, so I am not going out to look for some,  I have more than enough already and its getting silly...So its either the same dress  if I become inspired or one of these...

and I admit the Chanel style is so lovely, its kind of talking to me,  I have my last Susan K class at the end of September and the thought of having those sleeves fitted by the expert is so tempting!   I also need to stop putting off the pants, but it seems a little overwelming to start those with all the kids back home for their final week off.   The house will be quiet again soon enough..


Audible this week..I finished the final book in the Will Trent series by Karen Slaughter.  Fantastic, really worth the time, can't wait for the next one.

Still reading Kate Mosse Labyrinth, another good book, love historical novels and this is very well written.

and I have been watching Breaking bad from episode 1 to the latest every night on the a night, makes it fly by.   What a series, I know I am late to the party but wow,   never seen anything like it.  


Wishing everyone a lovely week.... can't believe summer is almost over..:-(


French jacket love....

French jacket love....

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Double drape tops and skirts.....