French jacket love....

French jacket love....

Chanel's Fall collection has really inspired me this week...I don't think there is a single thing I would not wear in the whole collection...   genius...

I've been seeing these black and white collared  boucle jackets  in all the print ad's, and I knew I had something similar in my fabric  stash. Its a Chanel that I bought from Michaels fabrics a few years ago, occasionally he does some crazy sale clearances  and I got 70% off a few boucles....that was a good week!!

and  I thought that Marfy 2922 was the perfect pattern.

Then I spotted 9821 in the back of a old Marfy catalog and I thought I would make this at the same time..  I added four inches to the length of the sleeves  and cut this one out in a black sequined Chanel wool from the same sale , and after that I still had two yards left so I  squeezed another 2933 out of it as there was no directional print...result!

It's  been a productive week, three jackets all cut out and thread traced...41 pieces not including pockets, collars etc .  The tailored jackets have hair canvas and pad stitching and its on to the quilting and construction this week.

The tweed boucle is lined in a graphic grey Pucci which is subtle and so pretty...

and I used one of my favorite silks from Mood fabrics  for the lining in 9821,  it freaks my kids out everytime they see it, they hate it!  bloody handprints are awesome for the lining of a upscale jacket in my humble opinion :-)  

 At some point someone will have to hold a intervention, I absolutely love making these jackets, its been the perfect project for the week...a hour here,  a hour there, very relaxing indeed :-)


The girls  are back to school tomorrow and my son started Marist College on Saturday, still working out how I feel about that, you lose all parental control overnight and he is the worlds worst texter, oh well.... so peace and quiet is almost here...its been a long fun summer but it will be nice to have a routine again.

and I wanted to share a picture or two up of the finished kitchen, I can't describe how happy I am with it...we bought the house from a couple who extended the old barn to include a large kitchen/family room, then they split up and corners got cut.  The kitchen was awful, dark and badly put together, it felt like we were living in a log cabin... but the proportions were great and I knew I could work with what we had.

It took me two years to decide...we will have four going through college in the next six years, so this is the last kitchen upgrade for a long long time and  I needed to get it right.... I found the perfect carpenter who totally got what I wanted and a painter who was happy to seal the kitchen off and spend weeks sanding and spraying.....bit of a nightmare all around but worth all the inconvenience... what a difference five coats of paint make and some new lights!

Audible this week has been The invisible bridge by Julie Orringer.....this book is a epic, sprawling novel.  27 hours and 51 minutes long... and I am nearly there!   Incredible, highly recommend...thanks Cissie!

and just started the Sepulchre by Kate Mosse  this is book 2, really interesting historical events tied into a modern story...loving this one as much as the first,   thanks again  Claire!


Thats it for this week, the fridge is empty, a grocey shop is now a necessity....we need an emergency trip to Target for last minute school supplies . (of course!) and there is jacket  quilting to be done...


Have a lovely week  :-)


Marfy 2922 and Marfy 9821

Marfy 2922 and Marfy 9821

Marfy 2631...the wearable muslin

Marfy 2631...the wearable muslin