Not a pair of trousers in sight.....Marfy 3094

Not a pair of trousers in sight.....Marfy 3094

I made a skirt,  at least it has a waistband right?!

I screwed up, as I generally order a few Marfy at a time,  I don't tend to check them off as much as glance at the size and file them away. Big mistake...

Which would explain why when I opened the pants pattern last week I found it was a jacket instead.   One digit out, probably my fault and the only Marfy pants pattern I thought I owned.

It really is a nice jacket though,and the right size so its gone on my list of makes..and looking at the pants here I realised I don't really like them very much!

So i've  ordered three different style of pants which should let me really test the fit and sizes... With any skirts I make from Marfy I remembered that  I have had to add a inch to the 44 as they are always tight around my hips before tapering  them off to the original waist so I ordered all the pants in a 46.  

Jacket 3045 and pants 3046....jeans with diagonal pockets.  Had to buy both obvs, its a Chanel style jacket after all!

 Pants 3188...Straight cut pants, fabric suggestions wool garbardine or bicolour jersey?! 

and Marfy  3249..classic cigarette pants and 3226 double breasted jacket, which I have big plans for.

They should all be here within the next ten days or so....

Anyway, my new skirt Marfy 3094.....its really grown on me.  I was at a loss once I found out I had no pants patterns, so thought I would make the next best thing.

I originally ordered this his just to see how the skirt pockets  fit together, I liked that it was unusual but I don't think in this case the catalog picture did it many favours.  Way to safari and earthy for my taste..

It also looks much looser around the pockets and generally more drapey than it turns out to be.......

I bought the fabric from Mendel Goldberg fabrics in the Spring, its gorgeous.  Absolutely no idea of the designer, but its a silk sateen with a cotton backing in a digital print.  Heavy but so so soft.... this skirt used up about a yard and a half of two.  I'm going to see if I can pick up another couple of yards for a dress , its just that lovely.

So this was one of their simpler skirt to put together, it does involve some  prep work first and you  have to  make  a muslin.... its essential!    

I ended up lining  all three pockets  using the fashion fabric, so one side  had fusible and the other silk organza.  It worked really well to stabilize them, they definitely needed the structure.

and  then I joined them working from the bottom up, they line up beautifully.     Surprisingly the pocket weight kind of sits on and around the hip and does not feel bulky or awkward at all, as its supported by the curved skirt panel and sewn onto that seam.

The only other thing I would suggest is a single six inch piece of boning attached to the side seam from the top of the waistband to the top of the first pocket on the inside.  It makes top stitching a pain so plan ahead!  It really helps it to stop collapsing into itself and I can't feel it there as it moulds to my hip curve.

Its a hard one to photograph but all three pockets are fully functional and big enough for a hand...The perfect outfit for when you are really really important!!  :-)

I tried the skirt on first thing this morning as I finished it late last night and really did not like the length of the lower  panel, it just felt a little to exaggerated?  Thought it was worth showing before I went at it!

So I cut two inches off the end  point and just graded the hem in a more gentle feels a little more organic now for some reason...and I look a little more awake!

 I'm not not happy with the waistband, its still almost sitting "away" from my waist and does not touch it in areas at all. I think some of the issue is caused because it has to be stabilized in order to hold its shape, its making it stiff...  Its better when I yank  it down to just above my hips but this fit is  a recurring problem I have with Marfy so I am going to make another version of this and solve it once and for all, which should help when it becomes  time to make mulitple pants/trousers.  

Yep I really am sticking my stomach out on the web.....not my proudest moment but you can see how it sits away?  I think its just a case of reducing it towards the top of the waistband but its only maybe a inch and a half at the narrowest.....any suggestions?

The back is nice, fits really well...  Sassy pose!

So I am going to stick with this next week, maybe try some color blocking and a completely  different fabric? 

Audible this week was Me before you by Jojo Moyles.   I randomly picked this and it was wonderful.  An English author I had never heard of before, its getting fanstastic reviews on Audible.   Loved it.

Book was  Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld.  Another new author to me, I actually went out and bought all her other books last week, I was so taken by this.   The story is a little unusual but so interesting.

and my productivity has been useless all week as I finally started watching Breaking Bad....addicted..blown away....I found I had it playing as I sewed and was getting nothing done...


and of course today we have been watching the news, just waiting...that was one whopper of a baby for such a skinny little thing, .....lovely listening to all the joy from England, a new King is very exciting...


Have a wonderful week, we've got some beautiful weather here...upper 80's low humidity and blue blue skies...

Leisa  :-)

Not a whole lot happening over here!

Not a whole lot happening over here!

Marfy 3232 a compromise of sorts?!

Marfy 3232 a compromise of sorts?!