Marfy 3201 finished....just in time for summer!!

Marfy 3201 finished....just in time for summer!!

Never let it be said I don't suffer for fashion, 80 degrees with a full winter coat, thats commitment!

I won't rehash all the previous posts, but in summary....

The front panels are tailored, the remainder of the coat is quilted in the French jacket style with a layer of ice wool for extra insulation.

The outer sleeves, cape and hem on main coat all have chain helps with the drape tremendously, and feels weighty and sooo beautiful to wear.

All the side seams  and button holes were sewn by machine but the remainder of the coat was done by hand with the tiniest of Japanese size 9 needles  for a couple of reasons:-

 The wool layers were so thick around the collar/armseye and shoulder flap areas that they probably would not have gone through a machine neatly, it was easier to control with two rows of backstiched seams.

and  also because some boucle wools fray faster than you can sew them  (this being one of them)  there would have been areas that would not have caught properly in a machine.   In some places there were only milimeters left above the seam be fair though,  this fabric was over handled really for the delicate nature of it.

To give you a idea how long this took, this is what I watched/listened to.....

Nashville Season 1 - 21 episodes

Chicago fire Season 1 - 24 episodes

Mad men - four episodes

The Good wife - six episodes

Movies - Django / Les Miserable / Argo and Silver linings.

Audio - The Aviators Wife and Anderson Coopers Dispatches from the Edge.

Obviously this does not include the week of classes  in Baltimore! ....just the time sat at home and in the hotel at night. 



Overall I absolutely love this coat, the fit is great, its so unique and I imagine its going to be crazy warm. 

I really want to try making this the way it was intended with tailoring and a full lining and am already thinking of a lighter weight V2 in a red silk wool I have, but will be changing a couple of very minor things:-

I'm going to increase the size of the button holes, right now they are just under a inch for the eight on the main coat and only 3/4 inch on the pockets and shoulder flap. (try bound buttons on those...Susan stepped in and did all three, my face must have shown terror at the thought! )  

I had to use a 3/4 inch button on the main coat  and  1/2 inch on the remainder, and they look pathetic. Seriously pathetic.

I wanted to show a picture before I take these off and work out a way to use bigger ones.

Also I'm not sure if this was me, the quilted fabric or the pattern, but for reference the cape and outer sleeve look like it would have benefited from being sewn further down into the seam. There's about a inch that is just doing its own thing and looks "off"   Luckily I added another layer of chain which pulled the cape down and it all disappeared but here is the before picture.

and the hem is quite short.  I'm 5'7' and had to add another two inches to get it below my knees.  There is so much going on up top that I felt it needed the extra length to even it out in this fabric. details.....Chanel wool is from Mendel Goldberg  they are back in their original store and its been so beautifully restored.    I was there last Monday and Alice has some amazing new stock from Europe.  I will add my finds to another post...

Silk charmeuase used as a lining is from Mood fabrics.  I bought this a couple of years ago and think it could be Versace? but probably wrong.

I bought the same buttons I used in my black French jacket but this time in blue....although they look black again here.

and chain was all from Susan Khalje.....her store stocks loads of useful stuff!

I did write out the order of construction I used , omitting all the quilting details but will add that one next post if anyone wants to attempt it? highly recommend!

Download Marfy-3201-instructions


So this week I find I have a lot going on, my Mother in law is here for the next couple of weeks,  the kids are all home from Wednesday until September!, (whats wrong with America?? who needs ten weeks off school?  I remember being thrilled with six in England!) 

My eldest graduates High School and my middle daughter is off to New Orleans for a conservation camp....which means I get to fly down there for the first time ever to drop her off.  Can't wait, its been on my list of places to visit  for years.  We are making a long weekend of it with my MIL and eldest daughter. Any suggestions?!

In my head I will also be productivly sewing, but of course its never going to happen so am going to take next week off and enjoy a break.

Wishing everyone a lovely week....I'll be back in two!

Leisa :-)

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