Marfy 3171 and the wearable muslin (plus a pair of Colette Iris shorts)

Marfy 3171 and the wearable muslin (plus a pair of Colette Iris shorts)

Oh I like this one......I have two more fabrics picked out for different versions, its a keeper!

Now  I've made a few Marfy's  I know that apart from the occasional natural waist and/or shoulder adjustment they are going to fit almost perfectly, and it got me to thinking about muslins.

I still need to make a muslin regardless  (of the lack) of  fit issues  as I have to work out a construction order that makes sense and leaves me with a garment looking as close to the original drawing as possilbe ( although  its gone slightly off a couple of times I admit!)  

Marfy come with no instructions or seam lines, the only reference is the illustration  but I find I  have a lot of muslins that are sitting in a drawer and it has begun to really bother me,  its  just seems so incredilby wasteful,  so I  thought I would use this dress to try my hand at a wearable muslin as I like the concept a great deal. 

I wanted to use a light,  easy to work with cotton  that would be forgiving to adjustments and unpicking...and had a $10 a yard  voile from Mood fabrics that I bought a few years ago and just stashed.  The fact that  I am also desperate for warmer weather made this fabric seem like a step in the right direction.

Interestingly I now  appear to have made a wedding dress, admittedly more for a casual beach affair!!, but even in a cotton voile, it seems seriously elegant.  

I think what initially attracted me to this design were the long graceful  lines and panel detail  at  the front  but its the skirt front that really takes this to another level.  Its huge and flowing while being  incredibly flattering.

I am almost finished but I wanted to keep the gentle rolling  lines of the shoulder and neckline by avoiding the machine and iron so the lining has to be sewn in completely by hand after every seam is catch stitched down.   Its a slow slow process.  

Sometimes  posting once a week  makes me cut corners, but  I felt the need to finish this properly, right down to a hand picked zipper. Its going to be worn a lot I hope.

So at this point I only have dress form pictures..... It really really needs a lining before I put it on for pictures, its completely sheer. :-0    

The only technical issue I have had with the whole dress has been the pleat placement on the front.  Its supporting the entire panel from bust to floor, and that means its surprisingly heavy so I had to reinforce the stitching with a extra layer of organza and add a additional row of stitching.  I tacked the pleats very carefully as well before sewing as they have to line up as a mirror image and the panel pulls them downwards.  I think its hanging slightly off on the dress form but I did measure!

 I found the perfect trim for a subtle  belt....I love it when hoarding pays off...but again  it really takes it to that wedding place.... although in all seriousness this would be a lovely dress for a slightly more dressed event, swapping the belt for something bright and modern would change it completely.

And I finally wore one of the kids down,  I now have a daughter who has sewn something wearable.... 

We picked a Colette  pattern  that she loved,  and she stash shopped my room picking a Anna Maria Horner fabric.... and off she went...

The pattern was easy to follow and beautifully illustrated (seriously impressed)  but we did make a muslin as she is not as curvy as the measurements and I wanted her to have a practice run...

I think the only issue we had was a fabric that needed matching.  It was time consuming but it  paid off..... we matched the waistband as best as we could....its only a single cut piece and the shorts are panels.

 There are two seams in this picure alone, so happy with the matching..   the pocket is divine, again the instructions are fabulously clear and concise.  

I added a roll up hem on the opposite grain for interest, and she is silly happy with them. Its very cute. Other than the matching which I helped her with,  she did them all herself,  just asked questions when something came up...  she has plans for a few more now..

and on a completely different note I  saw Macbeth this week on Broadway, with Alan Cummings, this review  sums it up far better than I ever could, but I have never been so emotionally wrung out or humbled by a show before.  It was a extraordinary ride.   The man is as close to a genius as I have ever seen.  They are few and far apart in reality.

So a fairly non productive week coming up , all four of them home  on Spring break with tons of  various plans..... if I finish my lining and start work on my jacket trim I will consider it a win..!

Have a great week, back Monday!


Marfy 3171 my Eleutheran beach dress.....

Marfy 3171 my Eleutheran beach dress.....

Marfy 3171 the beginnings of a summer dress.....

Marfy 3171 the beginnings of a summer dress.....