Lace Guipure Tap Shorts

Lace Guipure Tap Shorts

I've had both of these laces for a while, and had gone back and forth about what to use them for.

But this summer while making my Tessuti pants, I thought there could be potential for some really cute and wearable shorts.

The red roses is a D&G from Mendel Goldberg  and it's gorgeous.  Super thick, heavy and detailed with what must pounds and pounds of cotton 

The blue is from Sposabella Lace  and is much more flexible and light, with some 3D detailing.

I don't own a shorts pattern, so in all honesty this was a hack job.  I simply cut off the pattern leaving a four inch crotch length, overlapped the whole pattern to reduce some of the width and roughly cut it out leaving a very high waist for a more vintage feel.

and as it was my first attempt, I'd had some idea that I would attach the lace to the lining, so I made a couple of really well fitted 6 ply silk shells..

But the lace had a mind of it's own, and while it probably would have worked well on a larger sewn area, the shorts were just to small and curvy and the lace too thick and stiff for me to manipulate properly.

So, in the end, I cut the waist casing out of the lining, and fitted the shell under the lace, so that they are two independent pairs joined solely at the waist and zipper.

And then I hand sewed an all purpose zipper in, and added a couple of stray flowers to the center front seam to break up the line.

And i've got to admit, I have worn these things to death, right up until the temperature dropped below bearable.  The high waist is so comfortable and they are just so bright and happy, they have been my most favourite make's in a while.


So, while I definitely think this is a wonderful base pattern that I'm going to have a whole lot of fun with... 

It's going to have to wait a while, as I've got about six things on my sewing table right now.

My favourite and most labor intensive is Marfy 3755 which has some really interesting lines.  I'm using an incredible Lanvin bouclé from General Diff , which is super lightweight and textural and has been soooo perfect for quilting.

The hard work is done and all the thread is tied off, so its just a case of basting it together this week for fit before starting to finish it up.

and I've been doing the last stages on some skirts and tops, lace on hems makes me happy!

And once it warms up, I'll have to get outside and take some pictures of me wearing them... 

Have a great week everyone!!













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