It's been a while.......

and I'm not sure how that happened in all honesty.   I had planned on a couple of weeks and then it turned into a month and I found I loved not having the deadlines for the first time in a long time and here we are, three months later!!!

But I am really ready to get back into this in a big way.  I've missed all of it, and it's time.

I'm a little undecided on how this blog will look going forward, because I've been delving deeper into the draping over the last few months, and trying to build on the lessons I had learnt with Julien which might mean a lack of actual productive sewing days some weeks...

But I think based on my immediate plans it should still be most Mondays unless I am in a "been there, done that and written about it" phase.

I have a couple of little French Jackets to make with Susan Khalje's really gorgeous new pattern, which I was very happy to have fitted last week but as of now am deep in the middle of the most technically difficult and frustrating garment I've made to date  (Some of you might have seen it already as I have been mini blogging about it on Instagram

But for this week,  I thought I would get the blog started again with some pictures from last week's class in Baltimore....

and while I know I say this every time, it really was an amazing week.  There is something so empowering about being with a group of like minded women from all walks of life, who are kind, generous and tons of fun.  

We ate out a lot, talked endlessly, took over the lobby of our hotel some evenings, and shared more than a few cocktails throughout the week.....

and when somebody mentioned in a email after we all got home that it had fed their soul, I could not agree more, it really had.

I came back inspired and refreshed, ready to head into my sewing room again with the litany of new skills I had learnt and signed up for March and September next year!



So, I knew I wanted to start something serious for a first project after such a fun and relaxing summer, and thought the draped dress from April could make a beautiful coat.

The dress was designed and draped by Julien Cristofoli for Japanese designer Yoichi Nagasawa but never went into production due in part I think to it's complicated pattern.

and while I will do a complete post on it next week, I did want to share where it as of today....


Class projects

(although I missed a couple of people leaving, I did get a fair few projects in progress this time....enjoy!)

Wendy - Marfy 2889 / B & J Fabrics

My amazing friend Wendy always thrills me with her effortless ability to mix and match fabrics, and while the photos do not do the colours justice, the heavenly cashmere and embellished wool matched and complimented perfectly.

Emily Marfy free pattern 0757 / Mendel Goldberg Fabrics

It's always fascinating to see somebody else's interpretation of a Marfy, and made in such a gorgeous haute couture boucle no less! ....this one has really inspired me to make another this winter.

Carol / Mendel Goldberg Fabrics

This was one of those super special projects that you just feel lucky to be witnessing....a stunning Kimono hand sewn in it's entirety with the most beautiful of silk charmeuse fabrics and a whole lot of skill.

P.J - Marfy 2922/ Mendel Goldberg Fabrics

Seriously, this is such a perfect interpretation of 2922....and constructed with such thought.   The boucle PJ used was very haute couture with a lot of ribbon embellishment and not very practical for daily wear so she reversed the fabric to use the smoother but no less interesting side and now has a jacket that can now be worn 24/7.

Jan  / Mendel Goldberg Fabrics

I always love it when I get to see a favorite fabric of mine made into such a beautiful garment, but then Jan then went on to make a charcoal jacket to compliment it and elevated it all even further.

Jeanne - V2934 

Jeanne is one of those people that constantly inspire with their knowledge and skill, and someone I always try to be in class with.  Made in the softest most divine of cashmere's  and fitted to perfection, does this version not make you realize it's just what your closet is missing because its most definitely did for me!

Cissie  - Pauline Alice Quart Coat /  Gaberdine Britex Fabrics  Silk B & J Fabrics Buttons Les Perles D'Anton Paris

I can never wait to see what my table mate Cissie will pick for her project and she never ever disappoints, not only was this sewn to couture standards in a gorgeous gaberdine but also lined with the most stunning of Burberry silks... ( you can read her pattern review here)

Mary - Burda / G Street Fabrics

You know those fabrics you splurge on and then you wait and wait for the right project to come along? This Cashmere was most definitely one of them....  The feel and colour depth of this in real life was hard to describe, and proves to me again that there is simply nothing better than a good quality fabric and the perfect pattern. 

Marion - Vogue amazing fit/ Emma One Sock fabric/ Lace Mendel Goldberg Fabric

Marion was such a dark horse last week, we all saw the silk snakeskin and raved, knew she was making a dress and loved the silhouette...... and then on one of the last days, the lace appeared, organza was tea dyed and we were all just blown away with her vision, (and thankfully right before I left she so nicely put it on for me so I could take pictures!)

This week.... 

I'm hoping to get some work done on the draped coat in the next few days, but I leave for LA Thursday for that first official check in of the freshman college child....who is insisting on not attending any of the organized college homecoming events as she just wants a hotel, lots of sleep and some quiet..bless :-)

I'll be back home Monday and will have some kind of post up that evening and possibly before if my weekend proves to be as laid back as it sounds!


Her shoes hurt, so she put them on top of her feet in every.single.picture we have....teenagers!

Wishing everyone a wonderful week.

Leisa :-)

The "Audrey Hepburn" coat and a Boston bra making class...

The "Audrey Hepburn" coat and a Boston bra making class...

Marfy 3635 with some beaded lace...

Marfy 3635 with some beaded lace...