A Cotton Guipure Lace Skirt For Spring....

A Cotton Guipure Lace Skirt For Spring....

Spring skirts have to be bright right?!  I went back and forth about the shell color (thanks, Instagramers!) but in the end the hot pink just seemed to make everything pop so nicely...

I bought this hot pink fabric at least ten years ago from Emma One Sock.  It's a double-faced wool and absolutely gorgeous, quite unlike anything I have ever paired with a lace before, so naturally, I had to try it.

The lace is a medium weight, thick cotton Guipure from Mendel Goldberg  .  It's really wide, about 50" so I only bought a single yard but ended up using exactly half of that.....(now - what to do with the other half?!)

and the pattern is from Susan Khalje's new skirt class.   I've been looking for an excuse to try this pattern because I knew it had some nice subtle tweaks - side seam's that slightly wrap towards the front, four darts that help shape beautifully and some seriously expert drafting...

So I cut my sizing following the finished garment recommendation and I swear it fits like an absolute dream, with not a single adjustment...crazy times!

This came together so quickly, nothing subtle about sewing with a double-face!    I had to balance the darts to reduce bulk and I cut and steamed the seams open before stitching them down, which definitely helped keep the skirt smooth. 

I cut and used a single waistband instead of a double layer and added no interfacing or stabilizer, instead using the seaming allowance to keep the shape.

Four widely spaced rows of stitching (double thread) kept the main bulk of the lace on securely and then some individual stitching where I added or joined areas...

A quick 12" hand picked zipper - the red is much more subtle and works perfectly in real life!

And while non-fraying fabric is always lovely to work with, in a wool this thick it was hard to corral the seaming and keep everything as smooth as possible, so I did catch stitch where I could embedding the stitches invisibly into the wool.

And to finish off, I thought I would top off the pink - with more pink!   I love this silk so much.....

I've yet to wear this, our weather is still frigid, and we have mountains of snow everywhere...but I think this simple skirt will get a whole lot of use when Spring finally does arrive ....




I've jut started a new project I am really excited about, so it might be a couple of weeks until the next post - I'm hatching something complicated that may or may not work !!

Late last year both Tracey and I fell in love with a beautiful lace while shopping at B&J Fabrics. Our aesthetics are quite different, and we thought it might be fun to buy three yards each and see what we both make.

So between this:

and these:

Tomorrow is shaping up to be a really interesting first day!

I'll post anything interesting on Instagram along the way.... 


Have a lovely week everyone!

Leisa :-)













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