Marfy F1882 - its complicated!

Marfy F1882 - its complicated!

Was this so much more complicated than the vague Marfy  picture hinted, was more time spent than it took to sew a formal gown?,  more frustrating, confusing and yet ultimately more  satisfying that anything else I have ever made?!

Yes, yes and  yes..... 

and really, removing from the equation the construction puzzle, the amount of handsewing, and the four piece sleeve which I was convinced was the tricky part,   it all came down to the back facing and ties.

This was so much more complex than I had imagined, the back facing does not remain tucked under, it actually rises above the shoulder seam  about a third of the way towards the front, and is joined there by the upper and lower ties.  Aside from the thickness of all the seams  joining,  which caused a ridge even when graded,  I found if it did not meet exactly on either side of the shoulder - as shown below  :-(

This stops the bias curve on the ties from lying  flat I think, causing a "pulling" line along the top.  I had to unpick this entire unit and resew, re-cutting the back bias facing with a half inch addition. 

Its certainly better on one side now but even with both sides matched perfectly and the bias and ties cut at the same time the left side still does not lie as well as the right.  

I spent more time than I care to admit trying to solve this and ultimately think that its both a fabric issue  and almost definitely a sewing mistake on my part.

 It could also come down to the order of my construction.  I sewed the back facing and lower tie together, then attached the entire piece to the bodice, flipping this back out to sew the top tie in place and then turn the right side out.  

If I was making this for a customer I would have gone back a third time to work this out, but as it is only for me, and its not that noticiable to anyone else, (trust me I asked people!,)   I am moving on.

The lining was more straight forward and  in the end it seemed more logical to sew the sleeve lining to the hem and side seam, and then attach the sleeves to the bodice.... using a thick crepe de chine I had in my stash....its so nice!

I then joined the bodice to the lining from the hem on the left all the way around the collar and back down to the hem on the right.

Leaving the hem free so I could turn inside out to sew the sleeve lining to the bodice lining on the wrong side, the sleeves lining is not sewn at this point.

I tried so hard to get this finished up because  I had to drive to  Washington DC on Friday,  my daughter aka the volleydork :-) was playing in  the Capital classic, over 80 games  playing at the same time, ten hours each day...crazy...

I packed my blouse planning to finish the hem and buttons in DC,  but ended up doing the tourist thing with my husband and youngest girls in between games.

Its been a few years since we last visited and aside from the horrendously cold weather, we had such a great time.

A trip to Georgetown Cupcakes to fulfill my youngest daughters wish, she's crazy about baking shows.

these are my  PB fudge gluten free cupcakes, I wish there was one close to us...

and on a cupcake side note, this is what my husband bought home for Valentines day, THREE boxes of gluten free heaven from Babycakes NYC.  Having four kids is very helpful when you have this many baked goods in the house.

My inner geek  then got to  flip out when we drove over to the Smithsonian Air and Space museum, and I actually stood next to  the  Discovery space shuttle, really cool.

But we are back home so I will hurry to finish this up as I am dying to actually try it on and see if it was worth all the time spent.

I will get some pics up as a extra post in the next day or so.

Happy Monday!


Marfy F1882 with a little D&G heaven...

Marfy F1882 with a little D&G heaven...

Marfy F1882.....almost there...

Marfy F1882.....almost there...