Bonjour? a little French jacket sew-along anyone?!

Bonjour? a little French jacket sew-along anyone?!

I think for anyone who reads this blog its become apparent that I am crazy in love with the little French jacket.

Last March I attended my first class in Baltimore with the amazing Susan Khalje and I have since been back four times.    At this point she is probably cursing the day she ever agreed to let me come,  i'm the house guest that never quite leaves!!

and in this years March  class I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Inna of Thewallinna.   She made the most beautifulyellow  jacket, which captured her personality perfectly and yet was still instantly recognizable as a classic.  

When Inna  emailed  me last month asking if I would be interested in helping out with a sew along, I was thrilled to say yes and even happier when Susan agreed to contribute with advice and help.  She is one of the busiest people I know and for her to make time for us is deeply appreciated.

So after hours of skype conversations, and endless emails, and with our very own celebrity  we are ready to go!!!


The jacket itself is not complicated to make, a basic understanding of patterns, some fitting knowledge, a sewing machine and the ability and patience for lots of  hand sewing  is all that is necessary.

We have spent a long time prepping  and have talked through every issue that could and will occur (how about that for famous last words!!!)

To allow for this  we have a long schedule planned so that nobody  feels rushed, which of course is the point of couture sewing,  it should be deeply enjoyable.    Its a slow thoughtful way to sew, and this is a great opportunity to try it.

and as a visual learner I am coming even further out of my comfort zone to add vimeo clips when I think its important and Inna will be doing the same.  

Each stage  will run concurrently on both blogs every  week,  and we will be more than happy to answer questions (or ask  Susan if possible ) for answers on that weeks topic.   As Inna is in Japan and I am in the US we are covering most time zones!

We are going to take turns in writing each post, and then we will go through them together ensuring that no detail big or small will get missed.

I've listed the schedule below as well as fabric resources and patterns we have researched.  Susan will be releasing a pattern for her version of the jacket soon and a DVD in the new year and we are hoping that her pattern might be available before we start so I will keep you posted.......

I can personally recommend V7975, I have used that for three jackets as well as Marfy 3201 and Marfy 2922 and 9821,  which I am using this week. 

and I have filled my Pinterest  board with ideas and inspiration and Inna has the done the same. There is also a Flickr ready and waiting.

as well as a button for your blogs...

So I will continue with my personal sewing and a blog entry each Monday as usual and Fridays will be the Sew a long everyone the weekend to spend sometime on their jackets?!

The first scheduled sewing post will be on October 6, after I return from my last Baltimore class of the year, but there will be Friday posts from next week on resources and supplies etc. as well as to start answering questions as they arise.

Please feel free to add links in the comments for fabric stores we've missed....and patterns you can recommend....

I seriously can't wait to add another jacket to my closet...once you have made one you will truly understand how lux and incredibly versitile  these are..... you can't own just one :-)




Burda 02/2013 #102

Burda 06/2013 #123

Burda 11/2010 #104

Burda 03/2012 #109

StyleArc: Classic Chanel Tweed suit

StyleArc: Coco Jacket

StyleArc: Lorie

Burda B8949

Burda B7934 view A


Butterick 4028

MacCalls 4311

Marfy 3182

Marfy 3220

Marfy 3045

Marfy 3056

Marfy 2417

Marfy 2922

Marfy 2920

NR. 140-022010-DL

NR. 124-102012-DL

NR. M5016

NR. 7303-V

Burda 7115

NR. 108-022010-DL



If you live in NYC, then you are lucky because Goldberg Mendel sells the most exquisite fashion fabric directly from the runway!

Otherwise, here's the list of online fabric shops.


Mood Fabrics

B&J Fabric

Tessuti Fabrics

Linton Tweeds

Gorgeous Fabrics

Michael’s Fabrics


Manhattan Fabrics

Elite Design

Joel & Son Fabrics

Ventes de Tissus

Emma one sock

Denver Fabrics

Fashion Fabric Club

Jo-annes Fabric



M&J Trims

Top Fabric



October 7



October 14

Cut the fashion fabric and lining


October 21



October 28

Machine baste the jacket together & pin the sleeves


November 4

Real fitting, fixing the problems before sewing the jacket together


November 11 - 18

Sewing the bodice lining


November 25 - December 9



December 16

Adding trims, chain and hooks


December 23




Bonus quilted skirt sew along

Marfy 9821 a little French Jacket

Marfy 9821 a little French Jacket

Marfy 2922 and Marfy 9821

Marfy 2922 and Marfy 9821