Shopping in New York City for Fabric and Notions

Shopping in New York City for Fabric and Notions

I often get asked what's worth a visit in the city, so I thought I'd put together a guide of places I love.

Of course, NY is vast and this is just a tiny portion of what's out there, so I'll keep adding to this as I discover new stores...

And if you think I've missed a good one, leave me a comment and I'll make sure I stop by.

Visiting Paris or have suggestions?  It's time to update that to,  so let me know!




B&J Fabrics

This is always my first stop in the Garment District as it has a huge and varied selection.

Lots of their fabrics are hung on racks, with their price, width and origin attached,  and the bolts have big clearly written labels, so it's nice and easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Some of my more unusual and all time favorite fabrics have come from here over the years,  as they always stock a really comprehensive selection of the harder to find European Silk's,  Gazar, Mikados and Lace.


Elliott Berman Textiles

This store is an unexpected treasure trove of delights, not only do they carry a very varied designer selection but also excellent basics,  all at incredibly reasonable prices...

and as an added bonus, their website is huge and a little to easy to navigate!


C&J Textiles

While I think more wholesale than retail, this is so worth a visit for the large range of fabric they stock and also more specifically for the huge and very organized selection of silk, which can be custom dyed and bulk ordered.

Amazingly helpful and friendly staff, who really could not help me enough on my quest for 6 Ply Silks.


Elegant Fabrics

This is such a cavernous store of delight.... aisle after aisle of everything imaginable.  Each section is well marked and easy to navigate. 

Helpful staff, and incredibly well priced.


Gray Lines Linen

I love wandering through here.   It's amazing that this store really is just dedicated to cotton and linen, but within those confine's is a huge selection,  in every colour and design imaginable as well as some really textural and unusual finds..

Lovely staff, and well priced.


Leather Impact

This is always worth a visit, it's absolutely extraordinary.  The skin's have had every treatment imaginable, from printing to pleating and the cording/trim selection is huge and vibrant.   Also helpful service and good prices...


Mendel Goldberg

Obviously,  I am more than a little biased about Mendel as I run the website and work there part time but...

Alice does have exceptionally good taste, and the store reflects that with the most beautiful, unusual and unique fabrics you will ever see.   Straight from the French and Italian Couture houses,  this carefully curated collection is more than worth a trek down to the Lower East Side.


Mood Fabrics

This is,  of course the Mothership.  Hugely popular because of Project Runway and absolutely enormous. I'm not sure a whole day would be long enough to see everything anymore!

It's one of my all time favorites, the staff are fabulous, the fabrics are endless, and it's very rare that I don't find something lovely and very reasonable.   Just plan a visit when you have plenty of time to browse (and don't forget to pet Swatch, always the best part of my day!!)


Purl Soho

After a day at work, I often stop by here before heading home.  It's textural eye candy, beautifully presented crafts, books, notions, wools and fabrics... 

The staff are always eager to answer questions, and there are a hundred things you had no idea you needed! 

And while the selection is not huge, think more curated boutique than craft store, it's a truly inspiring place.


Silk House

This was one of the first stores I ever visited when I first started sewing and I continue to stop by to this day.

They stock a range of basic silks that are so reasonably priced and some gorgeous higher end prints which I still hoard in my stash today!

Very helpful and friendly staff, always happy to chat.


Sposabella Lace

I love this store so much.   They have such a huge and varied selection, from bolt to strip lace, in both high and low options from all around the world  and the most knowledgable and helpful staff.  



Stretch House

While there are some bigger spandex houses, this well stocked store has lots of options and lots more bargains. 

Helpful staff, and easy to find. 






East Coast Trimming

I first visited here last year with Tracey and was speechless by their vast and comprehensive selection.

Unique vintage lace and ribbons, embellishments, buttons and trims galore, all beautifully displayed and well priced.  

I've been back often since, as they always seem to have exactly what I need, and the staff are so patient and kind while helping me decide.


Lou Lou Button

While this is a smaller store, the selection is huge. Wooden, mother of pearl, military inspired, glass - the list is endless.   

The owners are incredibly nice and generous, and they offer custom button dying if you take in a swatch of your fabric. 


M&J Trimming

Always busy, and for good reason.  I don't think I have ever found anywhere that stocks such a large and varied collection of trim, ribbon, strip lace and buttons....

Not the cheapest,  but it's very inspirational when I'm working on a Little French Jacket or two!



Another store I love to wander around in for inspiration.

Mokuba has beautifully displayed and exquisite Japanese trim .... which are often used in designer collections.

While not cheap, the quality is unparalleled and very unique.  

Build in some extra time when visiting here, as no ribbons are priced individually, and while the salespeople are truly lovely and helpful, it can still take some time.


Pacific Trimming

Zipper heaven!  While Pacific has a huge selection of threads, embellishments, notions and trim, it would be worth dropping by just for the RiRi zippers.  

There are two long aisles of every conceivable colour, length and closure..... and if by any chance you don't find the perfect zipper hanging, you can have one cut to size and then choose the perfect puller and stopper.

Lots of helpful staff, and reasonable prices.


Steinlauf & Stoller 

This is a lovely old school tailoring and notion store at its best..  from boning to hair canvas, shoulders pads to hook and eye tape, they have all the basics and hard to find professional notions along with some of the most knowledgable staff in the Garment district.


Shindo Inc

Another lovely store stocked full of lingerie trim, ribbons and grosgrain in a nearly overwhelming selection. 

Great staff, reasonable pricing and well lit for perfect color matching.




A couple of other favorites


Around the World Bookstore

From Marfy and Burda catalogs to European runway look books, I think this has the most current, comprehensive and varied art, style and fashion selection in the city.



If you find yourself in Mendel Goldberg, take the time to walk around the corner when you leave. This wonderful store on Orchard Street has a constantly updated supply of vintage Chanel jackets and bags along with many, many other beautiful vintage items....

and If you do find yourself browsing,  make sure to chat to the owners, who have some seriously impressive knowledge on the history and provenance of all they sell.




I have Jonathan Embroidery and Tender Buttons to visit at some point this month, but again, if anyone has any other suggestions, do leave me a comment and I will add it to my list - and thank you!!! x


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