A Spring Marfy 3171 Midi Skirt and some camisoles...

A Spring Marfy 3171 Midi Skirt and some camisoles...

We've reached that time of the year when the temperatures are starting to rise and I have to start uncovering my very pale English skin...


I realized a few years ago that midi skirts are one of my favorite spring to summer garments as they show a hint of pale leg but don't subject anyone else to the full expanse!

I'd had my eye on this amazing beautiful cotton sateen fabric for a while,  and while it's a fairly recognizable designer logo, you'd have to be really looking to spot it I think ........it just looks like a very vibrant and happy pattern that seems to co-ordinate with a surprising amount of colours.


I did have to get super creative with the pattern layout as I was ideally short a yard for such a big skirt... so while there was absolutely no chance of any pattern matching, it's so drapey that I think thankfully it's not to obvious.


The original pattern is taken from one of my favorite dresses and I've loved it so much I've used it four or five times before.

and I honestly think this is a perfect example of a classic Marfy pattern as the drafting is gorgeous, and SO interesting..........the center front and center back are cut on grain, while the sides are all on bias which really helps to create the flow of this skirt

In total the skirt is make up of six pieces and could potentially use up 3 plus yards alone (there is more info HERE from the first muslin) but I squeezed this into just under two.


and while I love love this as is, I think in hindsight that a skirt with this much fabric would have benefitted from a very lightweight horsehair braid worked into the hem to help shape and balance it, but as an after thought I slipped a couple of weights into the side seams of the hem instead and it worked surprisingly well.


I honestly can't imagine that I won't make this again at some point but the next time I'm going to add a fairly wide waistband to give my waist a more defined look and to help support such a substantial amount of fabric.  


New Projects...

I've been quiet but busy over here, playing around with Camisoles, draping and drafting.

I always imagined that draping such a straightforward pattern would be quick but once I started I realized I had a laundry list of must haves and muslin after muslin finally led to these.

They have length, lots of shape and a deep bust dart that will be hidden with lace eventually......and the 6 ply Silk Crepe just elevates them to heavenly.


I've been posting pics on Instagram but it's almost like watching paint dry.  Cut the bias strips/hang the bias strips/wait for 48 hours/sew the bias strips /steam the bias strips/hang the bias strips! 


Right now, I'm at that stage where I have lots of Chantilly lace to cut and sew on to the neckline and hem, quite how long that's going to take is a mystery, as it's beginning to sink in just how much of an art all of this is ......

I'll be back in a week or so with at least one finished one :-)

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!




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