A very happy new year!

A very happy new year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and new year.

I am not by nature a deeply reflective person much preferring to be barreling forward with the next idea rather than glancing back, so no 2014 sewing wrap up from me....other than to say it was a good one, a really good one and to thank you all.

I had my family arrive for Christmas from England again this year,  and as they mostly tend to amuse themselves,  I imagined I would get lots of sewing done, finding a day here and there throughout the weeks..

But we have this silly Christmas day tradition in our house with the dogs, my two labradors who are both over 100lb are never allowed on furniture, but, every year when the kids come down to open their presents, and  the wrapping paper starts to fly, my yellow lab gets carried away and before I know it, he's sat on my lap vibrating with excitement...

It's something the kids talk about for weeks before, speculating just how long it will take him...

but this year it did not happen.  Everyone was watching him, and he was watching them, but he stayed in his bed lying down.   He turned ten last month (as did my choc lab - they are litter brothers) and he is just to stiff and old to climb anymore.........which sadly reminded me how fast time flies and then made me think that I should probably slow down too and just, for once,  enjoy the whole holiday season at the same pace as everyone else.

My baby brother at the very end of our local beach...

So, instead of sewing and blogging at every spare moment,  we took all the dogs for walks on the beach (they now have a ramp for the car, bless!) spent time in the city with the family, saw the Nutcracker at the ballet, Hugh Jackman in the River on Broadway (amazing)  spent evenings in front of the fire drinking wine and had meals out with the kids.

My jeans barely fit, but it was worth it,  it's the first year in a long time that I feel really ready for January.

I did finally get back to sewing a few days ago and Marfy 3520 is now almost together, and will be finished next week, but it's taking some effort to get it there.  

The fit has been really hard to get right as I changed the neckline and the ease is minimal, so the fit has to be dead on, which is proving difficult with only me to fit me... the matching is a labor of love with such a small amount of fabric and my patience is wearing thin with the endless tweaking, but I do love whats happening now that its almost there.... so we shall see.



Nothing much will change here this year, I like the Monday posts, I love my Marfy patterns, and I will continue to keep it small and advert free, but I thought I would mix up the format a little.

I'm going to make it the year of the pant (trouser) and the top.   Its mostly what I wear, and yet not what I make...and certainly not what I know how to sew well.

Although I have made shorts and pj's many times, I have never sewn a pair of pants, or a decent button down as I can find good fitting basic garment's straight off the rack of most stores.

So, to make it interesting to me,  I'm going to make one pair of pants and one top of any style every month this year.   The thought of a gorgeous Guipure button down fascinates me,  as does a delicate Chantilly cami top, and I know I would wear a silk twill cigarette or wide legged silk and wool pant.......

and because I have a stash that is bordering at that out of control stage,  most, if not all will be coming from there this year only.

Also, because of the trials and tribulations of Marfy 3520 and the frustrating of not having sewing friends near by,  who can help me fit that bloody inch of excess at the shoulder where I just can't reach.....I want to build some tried and true patterns I can fall back on, ones that I can mix up a little each time.

There might still be a dress or jacket thrown in here and there, but I am hoping by this time next year, I will have a nice collection of more wearable well fitting garments for every day use.

and it goes without saying I have some classes lined up for some more complex garments, a follow up to last years draping in April and a couture class in September, plus I am tempted to arrange either a sloper or pant class at some point this year in NYC which could be really useful I think to building that elusive well fitting pattern collection...

So, here's to a great 2015.

I will be back on Monday with some sew along garments, my finished dress and my next project...

Have a great week!

Leisa :-)

Marfy 3520

Marfy 3520

Shopping in Paris for fabric and notions...

Shopping in Paris for fabric and notions...