Gratitude = giveaways...websites and sewing...

Gratitude = giveaways...websites and sewing...

Today is Thanksgiving,  a day that has over the years become my favorite holiday of the year...

There are no expectations, no gifts, little build up and no set theme, for us its all about family, a lazy day in Pj's, with some great food and wine.

Its also cold and snowing outside but I'm sat by a roaring fire and am very aware and truly grateful for all that I have.

and so on this day of thanks, I really wanted to say thank you to all of you..

When I was in Paris,  Bloglovin sent me an email congratulating me on 1000 followers,  which seems to me, to be a lot of people repeatedly reading this small blog.

I don't generally check numbers, or stats...I find it makes me second guess myself, and then I panic about content, and relevance...and down the hole I go...

but, I wanted to honor this milestone, it really did make my day, and to say thank you again to the hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people who have logged on over the last couple of years to see what I have made and to sew along with me.

So while shopping for trim in Paris, I bought some extra trim and buttons to share.

Lots of the sewers in the group I was with had some input as to what they thought would appeal, and eventually we settled on these three lovelies, all in immaculate ready to sew condition, all vintage, all couture...and the perfect length for a little French jacket.

5 Meters (approx 6 1/2 yards) of 1970 YSL trim in black:

5 meters of Chanel vintage reversible black and white cotton trim

 5 meters of vintage Chanel blue and cream reversible trim

and some beautiful vintage buttons

So, I guess for fairness, leave your email in the comments section (you don't have to leave an actual comment...I find I panic when I try on other sites, the pressure to be witty or clever is just to much!!) 

OR send me an email to

Stating which one trim you want, or if you prefer the buttons... you are welcome to win them all, and can leave emails for them all, again and again, no one is counting I promise! but its easier for me to print the comments off and cut them out for the drawing.

I'm also very happy to send them all anywhere in the world  :-)

I'll close it on December 7th and let you know on the 8th in my regular post.


The Mendel  Goldberg website

And thankfully, at 11pm last night the  Mendel Goldberg Fabrics website went live.... and so again, a big thank you to all of you who emailed and left me detailed comments when I asked for help back in the summer.  It was invaluable and I have refered to it all again and again over the last few months....

The last two weeks have been hectic and all consuming, every fabric I had photographed over the last few months had to be cross checked to make sure we had not sold it, (we had sadly sold many) - pictures had to be downloaded and checked and descriptions written, pantone numbers found and linked, yardage and width measured - each and every bolt..but I got there..slowly and methodically.

Its version 1.0, a place to start,  just a small selection of what is available ...but as of next week each fabric being added will have a long description and full details, fiber content if available, pattern suggestions and pattern numbers.  Doing that for hundreds of already in stock fabrics was just impossible when it was only me working on this!

But, I'm so pleased with where its heading, I love the look...I always had an imagine that it should be more of a boutique than generic website.  I plan on keeping it small and heavily curated.  Every Friday a selection of new fabrics will be added and some removed, thus ensuring that it never becomes overwelming.

Some small roll ends will appear, we will start a special of the week section,  I think its going to be fun.

So, can I ask once more if you have a few minutes to head over and just take a look...treat it mean, let me know whats working, whats not.   

What you hate, what you love....its a site for sewers, and I want to make it great.

Also,  as I've always kept this blog free of ads, sponsorship and affiliations, ... this will be the last time the website will be mentioned here, I promise!



So, after a few days of much needed sleep, I will finish the Paris posts, which are much overdue.  There were so many more amazing days to share, and I can't believe I am so behind..

and then its back to sewing.


Wishing everyone a wonderful thanksgiving and long weekend.

Leisa  :-)

Paris Part 4 - Declercq Passementeries and the YSL foundation

Paris Part 4 - Declercq Passementeries and the YSL foundation