The blog hop

I've been reading all of these blog hop posts with fascination... its been such a nice way to learn a little more about people.

So when the incredibly talented Marina of Frabjous couture nominated me last week, needless to say it completely made my day....and then put me in a complete panic,   I've never had to actually think about these things before!

So here goes....


Why do I write?

Friends often describe me as an intensely private person in real life, I don’t FB, Instagram or tweet…I’m quiet, often lost in my own thoughts and am usually more than happy to spend days in solitude.

So, when I started a blog it surprised everyone, me, probably most of all…

But, as with most sewers when they discover sewing and fall hard, I wanted to know everything I could about everything immediately...and the on-line sewing community really filled that need…’s an extraordinary collaboration, filled with kind, thoughtful, incredibly generous and very supportive people, and its growing... fast.. and I knew eventually that I really wanted to be part of that in anyway that they would have me…

Fast forward a couple of years, and I found that I was becoming increasing frustrated with my sewing journey, I had fit issues, finishing issues, and general burn out because nothing that I made I really loved and I had no idea what I was doing wrong...

and then I came across a small mention on a blog about couture classes with Susan Khalje and soon after another about an adventure with a Marfy pattern and I was enthralled.

But, I could find nothing else about it at the time - anywhere - and it made me realize that whilst there are lots of blogs for a beginner or intermediate sewer, there is far less information available for anyone wishing to continue to an advanced or couture level.

and it occured to me that this could make an interesting blog....  documenting how I was continuing to learn as a sewer - teachers I was studying with, patterns I was using, what I was learning and what I was making..... be it good, bad or indifferent.

and its been more fun so far than I could possibly imagine, its brought me new friends, pushed me to try new things, inspired and challenged me, and in turn taught me how to take risks and be a better sewer...



What I am working on?

Usually I am very methodical when I sew….In an ideal world, I like to work on a single item from muslin to hem with no other sewing distractions, then when its finished,  I clean my sewing room, file the pattern and write a blog post.

At the moment,  I have six camisoles waiting to be sewn or completed, a series on pants I am dying to get started on, a little French jacket to complete, a blazer I started with Kenneth King and a dress to finish from my Baltimore class…

I am learning to adapt...slowly!

This week, I will be to finishing a LFJ before my mother in law leaves, next week will be my dress from Baltimore and then I will move on to the camisoles before leaving for Paris on the 30th…

The Mendel Goldberg website is scheduled to go live when I return (around the middle of November) and I have promised myself that the following three months will be dedicated to pants (trousers!)….

and I am not opening another pattern until all above are finished, regardless of just how much I want to!



How does my writing process work?

Again, super methodical…I like to finish a garment on a Sunday (at the very latest) then I sit that evening and the next day to write up the Monday post.

I have an excellent visual memory (my poor kids!)  and will re-think each step as I start to write - from the time I began the garment to when I finish it….

If there is something I found interesting when I was making it, I try to expand on that technique and include photos…and if I have been in a class with Susan and learnt something new that I think could be useful to someone else,  I always try to find a way to incorporate that as well.

I also try to pick a very different garment each week if possible, that way I can continue to challenge myself and work in new techniques.... making it more interesting to anyone reading….and to keep me constantly learning independently.


Who shall I nominate??


Carolyn from Diary of a sewing fanatic is someone I admire greatly, and I would love to know more…..

My incredibly lovely friend Norma of Orange Lingerie whose talent and vision constantly amazes me...

and Sunni from A Fashionable stitch…who not only sews and tailors beautifully but also owns a bricks and morter and online fabric store…… talk about living the dream!


Wishing everyone the loveliest of weeks, we hit 77 degrees is soooo good :-)


Marfy 1756 - a hybrid LFJ

Marfy 1756 - a hybrid LFJ

Going with the flow...

Going with the flow...