Marfy 9821 a little French Jacket

Marfy 9821 a little French Jacket

One down....two to go...

and the subtle traditional French back.....slightly lower for a leaner it!

Anyway...I finished the first version of this jacket Friday night...all but the front lining seams and put it on my dress from so I could look at it properly....

and the only words that came to mind were "blah"...which frankly after all the work involved is bad, I think!!  It was a little too relaxed looking around the arms and waist which initially had been what I was after but just ended up looking  wrong.

So at 9pm I took it apart...and by 2am I had  finished sewing it all back together again, this time with much skinnier sleeves, a tighter fit and a more open neck and I have spent every spare minute since trying to finish it again.

In all fairness there was absolutely nothing wrong with the original pattern or my muslin, it had everything to do with the fabric.

A gorgeous Chanel wool, that would not qualify for a boucle in any way...its got a metalic thread that runs horizontially throughout, every inch or so...and sequins dotted individually everywhere, which of course removes all possibility of pliability normally associated with a wool.   This stuff is stiff and strong...almost reminding me of a cotton canvas in its behaviour, so the jacket had to be very fitted as any excess fabric not skimming the body just stood out like cardboard!

Beautiful to sew though, and it really holds it shape, so i'm still happy I used it...and the jacket I ended up with, love love love....serious love.

This is what I had in mind, over the top blingy, only useful for a small seasonal window and totally lux!

Just the way this kind of jacket should be :-)

I used the selvedge as a trim and found the beaded ribbon at M & J Trimming.   I'd forgotten just how much time it takes to handsew each piece one by one...

Yep, the lining is still making me laugh!!

I hope to get the second one done this week and maybe?  hopefully begin the third, I've got to start getting ready for Baltimore...very excited!!


Audible this week:  The husbands secret.   yeah I don't know if it was the narrator or the characters, but I kept stopping and starting, and still have not made it to the end.

I'm reading a really great book and just spent the last half an hour looking for it, its disappeared into thin air, so weird...I really wanted to recommend it!


and I will be back Friday with a detailed fabric and trim post for the sew along...what a huge response we've had  and its only week one, amazing just amazing.. 


Wishing everyone the most lovely of weeks! 


Let's talk sew along fabrics...

Let's talk sew along fabrics...

Bonjour? a little French jacket sew-along anyone?!

Bonjour? a little French jacket sew-along anyone?!