Draped tops, how to's, quilts and serious Marfy love...

Draped tops, how to's, quilts and serious Marfy love...

Last Monday was great, a trip to the city with the kids, way to many cupcakes at the Georgetown Bakery in Soho, ..a hour in Purl Soho while my daughter picked out wool,   she decided she would like to learn to knit  and  a quick trip to B&J Fabrics on the way to Grand Central.

We got home late to find a Marfy order by the door, which is always nice! and enclosed was a letter from them telling me that they have been following my blog (eek) and detailing some of their favorite garments.   Seriously!!   3171 in all three versions was a hit,  which was so nice to hear and they were just so lovely and gracious about  the others as well.  

I was honestly beyond thrilled at their kindness, it really has made my month!

and they added the nicest of gifts, handwoven labels that they are just introducing.  Apparently I am the first person to recieve them, wahoo! ....so I have to just say it again....biggest. fan. ever!! What a classy company. Thank you  so much Marfy :-)   

I did manage to make a top or two this week.....using Vogue V1310 as a jump off point...(which feels almost wrong after so much Marfy love!!)

I realised that I have very few basic tops like this and I'm really pleased with both of them,  especially in the crepe de chine so I'm going to make another one this week,  hopefully in a grey silk with a guipure lace panel if I can find some.

Lila my middle daughter has now taken the cream crepe de chine top she is wearing in the picture to her room , it never even made it to my closet!  so I will need to make another one of those to. 

Aside from that  I'm going to start making a muslin for F2631 as I have a silk I think will be perfect..I have a lot going on for the next few weeks, so this will be great to work on when I have time.

and I received some new pics yesterday from my Mother in law, just look at this quilt ........ seriously amazing progress...I keep starring at the fish and octupus, its really realistic!  I will get some more details on just how it was all done as I know she painted and heat sealed some of the images...

Its now ready to be quilted and then joined together with the seminole squares.....more info here Gills quilt links

This is the original quilt just laid out for planning purposes.

I finished The Chaperone yesterday, really interesting and I loved all the historical details. I knew nothing about Louise Brooks and have ordered her autobiography.

Audibles for the last couple of weeks have been Karen Slaughers Will Trent series.  The first one is more than a little grisly but I can't stop listening to them.  So intelligently written...I have not been able to solve even one of them yet before the ending.  That's getting your moneys worth!

So a shopping trip to the city this week, on a hunt for some unusual laces.....and a muslin for the dress just to see what is involved....very managable indeed!

Wishing everyone a most wonderful and happy week , back Monday  :-)


Double drape tops and skirts.....

Double drape tops and skirts.....

Not a whole lot happening over here!

Not a whole lot happening over here!