One down, one to go....

One down, one to go....

I had a hard time getting going today, sorry for the late post....its been a fun couple of weeks but i'm admitting defeat, I'm tired !

Early last week my husband and I  realised we had no kids at home for a few days... for the first time ever!

So we went to New Orleans a couple of days earlier than planned and spent four days doing things we did before the kids came along......its the first time we have been away  in almost twenty years , apart from a single night in London years ago...its a weird concept to just do what you want when you want....I like it,   I don't think empty nest will be to much of a issue!

We fitted in a lot, including a seaplane tour (four seats eek!)  of the French quarter, Mississippi river and bayou, actually landing in there to drift for a while.   A haunted house tour of the French quarter with a bar stop and cocktails, at night like real grown ups!,  a tour of the oldest cemetery in the city where the voodoo queen Marie Laveau is buried, and Nicholas Cage has built the most ridiculous tomb for his resting place,  a fast and  facinating ride in a six seater airboat through the bayou's to places hard to reach....with a guide who had deep knowledge of the area.  July fourth fireworks  on the river at the Essence festival, and some meals to remember.

I spent Saturday sewing no stop.....and yesterday we had a  seven hour round trip to see the little one on visiting day half way through her camp stay.....again i'm tired!!



So...the inspiration....

(Thank you so much again  Melanie from Poppykettle for the last picture)

The inspiration jacket is very angled at the front and back but having had a couple of these style over the years,  I know I don't really wear them.  I found I had to be so careful about what I wore underneath them, they are not very practical as they had limited seasonal use and really, after putting  far more than a hundred hours into this one I wanted it to be more usable. I find I wear my black French jacket two or three times a week at least..

This definitely has a more slouchy look which personally I felt worked better with the back, I can wear layers  as it gets colder as its not such a tight fit, and its longer for the colder months.  Overall I like it a lot, and I learnt a huge amount getting it here so I will be happy with that!  The red one is on hold, I don't really like the trim I have  and so will make my own, and as thats seven yards its going to take a while!

I also want to mention a slight fabric excess on the left hand side by the shoulder, as the measurements are mirror image I can only imagine my shoulder is the issue....I can't see it properly so will take it with me to Octobers Susan Khalje's class to see what she suggests.  That whole panel is on the bias so I don't want to distort it by just removing a chunk.

There are two chains on the inside  back  running towards the side panels to weigh it down further than the front and also small chain sections sewn in behind the  front trim at certain places to help make it hang was a bit of a engineering feat but seems to be working.  Also included is a close up of the sleeve trim.

Normally I would have put one chain on top of the other but I kind of liked that you could see both in this instance....personal preference I think,  not sure there are rules for chains?! 

and a shot of the inside with all the lovely quilting and the fasteners.....I chose to use braided black ones instead of the metal ones normally suggested just to elevate the lux feel  a little more....

And I also want to share some updates on my Mother in laws recap...I sent her a good size box a few months ago of all my fabric scraps from the last nine months and she is using as many as possible in a quilt for each of my kids, starting with the eldest Son.

The style is based on the the quilts made by the Seminole Indians where every scrap of spare fabric was utilitzed by making strips and then piecing them together.

So here is the very rough layout, for a visual...the center is based on a aquatic theme,  its mapped out in templates but the angel fish will be my Cavalli fabric etc once completed.

and meet Gill, who has taken on a  beautiful and incredibly time consuming embroidery project using Williams Blakes Auguries of Innocence.  She was so productive while here working on the text...

The top line reads " To see a world in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wildflower"

"Hold infinitity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour"

and following that is a quote from William Blake..."No bird soars to high if he soars with his own wings" which as my son is leaving for college its  a very touching wish indeed..

No sure I can add anything to the lovliness of this....a true heirloom.

Did manage to finish The Woman Upstairs which was a really interesting and well written book,, although I did have trouble relating to her in any way....

and The Sandcastle Girls I knew nothing of the genocide in Armenia and am so glad he has written about it but it was a little disjointed to read.  His books usually flow so well so I was surprised but would recommend just for the history lesson.



Both my middle girls asked if I could make this next, not sure what their plan is for it but happy to oblige... should have some  decent progress by next Monday...  I'm going to change the hemline design a little but stay true to the pattern I think....


Have a wonderful week!


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