Gators and dress forms!

Gators and dress forms!

I feel a bit guilty writing  this  post as I have only managed two days of sewing in the last two weeks....and there is little to show as attaching the arms and then  grading and closing the inside of a jacket is a slow slow frustrating process.  I admit that it is getting easier with each one I make though.

I discovered when I started the hem and front closure that I was two yards short of trim......I bought enough for a standard jacket without thinking but never imagined I would need seven yards.   My husband has been to M & J  this morning so I can finish this one up now thankfully.  Its embarrassing to even write about them at this point.....

But on a  more interesting sewing related note, the day after I got home from my last Couture camp, I had the pleasure of meeting Wendy in NYC.  She had flown from Perth just for Susans class, having never been out of Australia before.......and while in Baltimore over the course of the week , we convinced her just how good the fabric shopping was in the city.  At some point the conversaton also got onto dress forms, as a couple of the ladies had ordered from Andys custom forms in the city and were thrilled with them.

So on her final full day in the States she met me at Mendel Goldberg, on the worst day of rain I remember,  soaked to the skin after getting lost in China town........her cell was not working and the person she was supposed to come up with had cancelled...I am full of admiration....she found the store and boy did we shop.  While I waited I spent some time digging around, as Alice the owner was in a very generous mood,  although I think I was confouding her on some level as I was so drawn to these wool Guipures, when she had a store full of spring and summer stock.

In order, a single remaining  yard of Chanel guipure, ....its heavy and has a wool texture.

A remaining two yards of wool guipure...I have never seen anything like this, its so heavy.Three yards of jet black embossed Dior wool, again so heavy but with drape and body.

A scant quarter yard of hand made lace with tulle embelishments from Chanel because really how could you not?!

They are out on my table while I decided what to do with them :0


After Mendel we headed to Mid town for Mood, B&J etc and to visit I have to share this!  

Both Wendy and Rohan said I could post pictures of this crazy place....its at the back of a building on the main floor, behind a convenience store etc.  No signs, no clues at all...for anyone not used to the city this could be a little scary.  

Rohan was great however, he  took maybe fifteen minutes to measure Wendy and there should be a perfect copy of her on the way to Australia in five to six weeks.  The cost of the form was around $700 which included collapsable shoulders and full legs.  I'll let you know what she thinks when it arrives! (lots of pics please Wendy!)  

Rohan says he ships around the world, and I believe he can send forms to guide you for accurate measurements...the website is Andys dress forms and his email is if anyone is interested.

I think she's still laughing about the whole experience!!!  


and to prove I have not been slacking off, here are some pics of the last couple of weeks!

My Cavalli with sandals was perfect for my sons HS graduation.....he's off to college in August. It was like organizing a litter of puppies,  so these pictures  are the best there are,  I guess you can call them real at least! ....he is 6'6" so he makes all of us look short!  My brother calls his hair the furry crash helmet..nuff said!

and my husband and son, who can't behave if their lives depend on it...

Then my Mother in law (in from the UK) and my eldest two daughters along with a friend  flew to New Orleans.   My middle daughter and her friend are doing a two week conservation camp, the first week in the 9th ward and the second on the Gulf coast, but as I had them for a whole morning before I had to take them to meet their group I booked a  air boat Bayou tour.

So much fun, we got out there early, had a fantastic guide and really just loved every minute of it. Highly recommend and of course you see a lot of alligators....

I was really shocked by how cold they are, its just like holding a ice pack and then when the guide started tossing marshmallows (yep!) into the swamp out they all came.

We ate a really special dinner at Muriels in the French quarter,  not only a true Cajun menu in a historic house but a full separate gluten free menu. Its becoming so much easier to travel now and the food was exceptional.  We finished with a walk along the Mississippi after dinner watching the paddleboats go by.

The next day we headed to the Laura Creole plantation, which was a highlight for me.  Rather than a antebellum house this was more traditional  and far less opulant.  Apparently as business was conducted at the plantations  they kept them sparce,  the wealth was shown off in their town was facinating and incredibly disturbing at the same time.  I had wanted my daughter to see it first hand and it just left us so overwelmed and sad.  The slave lists and quarters, the photos and ledgers.......the guide again was wonderful and it was so informative.

and for our final morning a tour around the city. Starting in the French quarter, and then through all the districts including the 9th ward, a cemetery and the garden district.  Its so surprising to think that eight years after Katrina there is still so much destruction, a couple of lots were being torn down as we went past.

It was a fast couple of days, we fitted so much in and my MIL was a great sport, as the weather was very hot compared to the UK!

I have to admit I am crazy about the place......the heat (for me)  is perfect, the people were so amazingly nice everywhere we went and the history makes me feel a little at home...

Luckily I get to go back again at the end of the week to pick the girls up and bring them back.

So again little sewing going on for the next week, but should be back to normal after that.

Fourth of July holiday coming up, we have plans for that,  we have some visitors for couple of days and another trip down to New Orleans , as well  as a  visiting day to Pennsylvania  for my youngest who took herself off to camp for a month when she realised there would be nobody left in town to hang out with.  

Mighty quiet around here!

Wishing everyone a lovely week and a happy 4th!


One down, one to go....

One down, one to go....

Marfy 3201 finished....just in time for summer!!

Marfy 3201 finished....just in time for summer!!