Marfy 3201 ...eek!

Marfy 3201 ...eek!

 Oh this is going to take a long time, I looked like a deer in the headlights when I started this, to funny!.....its a really detailed pattern. Once all the pieces are cut as directed you end up with 46 in total,  a recipe for disaster if you ask me :-)

There were some questions about whether  the cape was detachable or not, the catalog picture made me think that this was a option after seeing it shown both ways. 

Its not, sadly,  as it stands its only possible to attach a permanant cape or leave it off entirely.

I like the concept, although it complicates construction as you have to sew the left shoulder and armseye into the cape at the same time as you join the coat together. 

However, after thinking about it I see no reason why I can't also add the front right epaulette to the left side and have some kind of attachment at the back (thinking small  leather straps right now but time will tell) which along with the front button should keep it secure.

This would make the cape an individual piece that granted could only be worn with the coat but would be a perfect  additional layer for those unbearably cold  East coast January through March months and make the coat more versatile for the warmer winter  months.

Burberry has a vaguely similar look going on right now...but I prefer that Marfy has gone all out with a proper cape as opposed to a hint of one.

The basic muslin is all made, I did not make a sleeve as I will use the three piece one that I have for my french jackets, so I can cut that in advance as well knowing it already fits.

The fit is pretty good, the  lower back needs some shaping but the shoulders and front bust area have a sweater amount of ease built in which is perfect and a front belt for waist shaping.

I want to quilt this coat in the French jacket style but also need to tailor the lapels with hair canvas because its impossible to put bound buttons holes into a quilted soft jacket due to the flexibility or give it the crisp looks it needs.    As well as add a layer of ice wool between the wool and lining for extra warmth....I know, completely over the top but until it goes wrong I'm going all in!

I only have five days in Baltimore next month and they go fast.....I  have to finish the sleeves on my other two jackets as well,  so maybe three days for this?

I have no idea how to finish a coat to a couture level, this is my first attempt at even making one.   However I know how to get it to the fitting stage before I go and can  have the front panels tailored as well as the collar and the rest of the panels quilted  and tied off.

This is what I am going to use, a Ice wool, silk charmeuse lining,  and wool .  I don't think I will use a patterned fabric  to line the cape, it could get very distracting, there is already a LOT going on with this.....I am thinking black silk instead.

But on a more productive note I did get the blue jacket done and ready for the sleeves...yay!

The trim colour is close to the picture above, not below!

and the inside all sewn up......

So for this week, onto the short red jacket....I don't have the bead trim made yet  but I have dyed the fabrics for the inserts  to a perfect colour so they can be sewn in and then the inside closed up.....

and I hope to cut out all the jacket and cape, quilt and tailor.....wishful thinking probably!


Of course all these projects are adding up to a very large collection of fabric scraps, which I had no idea what to do with....So I asked my  Mother in Law if she would be interested in a box every now and again, she was so enthusiastic about the idea and decided she could incorporate them into her quilts, amazing!...and the first box went off to the UK.  Not sure she knew what she was in for....I sent a lot.

But as a extra bonus she has thrilled the  kids by offering to make quilts for them all (four of them!) this is the beginnings of my sons, the eldest....

The technique is called Seminole patch-working, a technique originated with the Seminole Indians, who used bright plain fabrics to make strips to decorate clothing as well as quilts.

Its going to be an appliquéd marine scene for the area of the quilt that would be covering the top of the bed, which is perfect for the Cavalli scraps alone!

She is going to keep me updated on the progress (no pressure Gill!!) and I thought I would post pictures as she sends them....shes is a extremely  talented artist so I am excited to see what she creates.

I know the kids will treasure them...such incredibly special gifts.


I finished reading Coco Chanel by Lisa Chaney , really enjoyed it. She was so driven and yet very very unconventionable....the pictures alone were worth the $

Can't put down Lets Explore Diabetes with owls by David Sedaris....all incredibly funny but Attaboy...I can't stop true and so sad.

The Great Gatsby to find the time for the movie..


Off to chop up some you do!

Have a great week!


Marfy 3201 .....prep work pt 2

Marfy 3201 .....prep work pt 2

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