Marfy 3171 my Eleutheran beach dress.....

Marfy 3171 my Eleutheran beach dress.....

We went away in the end, it was Spring break, my son was turning eighteen,  and its been what feels like the longest winter ever..

So we headed to Eleuthera, a small island in the Bahamas.. .so incredibly beautiful and remote. There are  very few tourists here as you have to take a twenty minute flight in the smallest of planes  to get there from Nassau,  there  are no real hotels on the Island but lots of houses to rent,  a handful of  restaurants, one grocery store and endless empty pink sanded beaches.  We love it there, truly love it.  

I could bore everyone with a long post about what we did but I won't  I promise!  but this is very cool...

This is the thinnest  point on Eleuthera, the Island is  only two miles wide at its widest but here  its down to feet, you can see the Caribbean sea on one side and the Atlantic on the kind of pick each day ...calm swimming or wild waves  and head that way...thats probably the biggest decision we made  along with which fish to buy from the locals for dinner.

Walking down to Governers Harbour, the main town on the Island.

I did finish the lining in my dress while I was there, add some beading to the handpicked zipper and put my trim on, just in time for some beach pics..

Meet Debbie an Island stray, looked after by all, she hung out with us last year and practically moved in with us again .. there were even dog treats in the pantry when we arrived!

Have you met my husband and youngest??!! 

See?  really really empty beaches!!

So here is my wearable muslin, the front panel is a fabulous design ...and the shoulder bows are a surprising nice finish.

The back lies really well...I had to taper the shoulder seams a half inch to get them to lay flat but it was a simple fix.

So today I  tried to get a better close up at home , where I was so happy to see we had not missed all the blooms on the lovely old Magnolia tree in our yard.

I wanted to show what the dress looks like with a bra instead of a  bikini kind of puts them out there....I would imagine anything bigger than a B cup is going to need some adjustments, its very  low cut.

So the plan for this week  is the same dress

but in something completely different.....this is what goes on in my head as I fall asleep....and then I can't sleep thinking about how to cut it to its best advantage....and whether I have enough..or B&J have it in  stock still....and on and on it goes...

This is the  Cavalli silk charmeuse I just used as a lining in my French jacket, I bought a couple more yards as  my sleep deprived mind tells me it was destined to be used in this dress.  The front panel is perfect for the design, although i'm going to have to be thoughtful because of the Georgia O'Keefe undertones!  I have it laid out to start cutting today, and will underline with Organza and line with silk crepe de chine again...

 So along with a small bust adjustment , maybe just a inch at the lowest point , the only other thing i'm going to alter on this version are the bodice seams.   The cotton version fits beautifully but there is no ease, which I  personally like......however in a silk charmeuse even with a organza underlining I can see it putting strain on the main seams.. I think a quarter inch on each of the sides and back will stop that and still keep it very fitted.   

I did nothing else last week apart from read: 

Cheryl Stayed's Wild which I could not put it down. She lost her mother to cancer when she was in her early twenties and it sent her on a spiral which led her on a thousand mile trek across the Pacific Coast trail in the 90's.   So beautifully written.  It really resonated with me as I had a similar loss with my Mum, but I was lucky to have my own family to tether me.......highly recommend,  I am not often sad when a book ends...but I really wish it had been longer. 

and watch the finale of the sewing bee, was it me or did it all fall flat at the end?  Surely it should have gone to Lauren, not only did she show amazing skills for a self taught seamstress but she finished with a very ambitious evening gown.    

If I had to define what I wanted from sewing it would be intuition, to know exactly where the problems will occur, eight/ten/twelve steps away....Ann had that skill or you would hope after seventy five years of sewing , Lauren did not and yet still managed to produce a completed technically difficult final project. Bah....

and Project Runway, a real winner finally!!  self taught, kind, worked well with others , thought big, stayed true to her aesthetic and could patternmake.....thats what its should be about... I'm sure it will all go belly up again next season! and shame on them for the Europe stunt..

As for Mad Men.....what is wrong with all those men???!!!  really?

Oh well back to reality and mountains of laundry!

Have a great week, hoping to have a completed dress next Monday...


Marfy 3171 meet Cavalli...

Marfy 3171 meet Cavalli...

Marfy 3171 and the wearable muslin (plus a pair of Colette Iris shorts)

Marfy 3171 and the wearable muslin (plus a pair of Colette Iris shorts)