Marfy 2863 and sadly, back to reality.......

Marfy 2863 and sadly, back to reality.......

We went away last week to our favorite island in the Bahamas....

I took sewing, my laptop and a half written post, but the wi-fi was unusually slow, dial up slow.....and it was 85 degrees.  The water was warm, the kids were having fun and I put everything away to enjoy the moment.

and it was perfect.

My Dad had flown in from the UK a couple of weeks ago, he has not traveled much so we had asked him to join us..... it was a real week of firsts for him...

A tiny twenty seater prop plane from Nassau to Eleuthera.....standard island to island commuting!

 Sea water the temperature of a bath and crystal clear for snorkeling..... (that's him!)

perfect for spotting buried sand dollars and star fish!

Midway through the week, we took the speed boat taxi over to Harbour Island....where you wiz around all day in golf carts.

and had lunch with Eleuthera on the horizon

Before a walk and a swim along their gorgeous pink sanded beaches..

We also drove to  the narrowest part of Eleuthera, that's the Atlantic on the left and the Caribbean to the right....

and we finished the week by laying around and generally being very sloth like....

They have a t-shirt that reads "Eleuthera - its not for everyone" and it sums the island up perfectly.  Its inconvenient, remote, lacking in more than one large grocery store and a coffee shop but.... everyone is incredibly friendly, the beaches are empty and beautiful, there is fresh fish to buy every day for the local fisherman and the few restaurants that there are...exceptional.

Its truly our favorite place on earth.


Which makes it even worse as when we got back late yesterday, there was still snow on the ground and another storm forecast for this week :-(



but anyway, I did make a dress just for the vacation  - Marfy 2862.

I've had this pattern for a while, and every time I look at it I love it, so I knew this would be a great dress to take with me...and once I decided on the blue silk from my stash ... meant to be.  Its a lightweight silk charmeuse that's absolutely saturated in colour, perfect for the beach.

I had some issues with the pattern but they were expected as I ordered  the 46 instead of my usual 44 because they had sold out.

It took a while to get the cups and proportions fitting well, and I did end up using my dress form to drape the pattern pieces, but overall it was worth the effort.

This is a really nice pattern.  The bust has a lot of coverage, and it would be easy to adjust the pattern to have more or less... the skirt tiers are easy to make and the whole dress came together relatively quickly.

It did use up over 4 yards of fabric though, so its not a cheap dress to make!


I also took my Carly Style Arc jumpsuit and wore it to the beach a few times over a bikini... 

It was really kind of perfect, as it was easy to get on and off, and worked as a great cover up when it got to hot.


I wish I had a back drop like this every week!  but sadly it seems I am now back to pictures with snow again for a while!



I have sew along's that just keep giving, its the best feeling in the world!

Tracy has yet again outdone herself with a lace version of 0757, the skirt free pattern and her styling is, as always just impeccable.......I want a denim vest so badly now! 

The black lace is backed with a beautiful grey voile which makes the design really pop....and the fringe finish is just amazing!  So feminine but also a little can find both fabrics at B&J.

And all the details for making this lace version  are here


and Bernice did it again, and tested out the Darts to quilted version and I am so happy to hear it all works well!

Bernice kept the double zippers which I personally love, so she could avoid bulkiness at the side seam. She felt like me that two zippers made things symmetrical.  The wool boucle is from Mood Fabrics online.  She underlined the skirt with cotton batiste and used silk charmeuse for the lining.

and interestingly she says "although i've made quilts, the techniques for quilting of the lining were new to me.  I'm very glad to have tried it out before thinking about a jacket.  I'll admit to a number of mistakes and some unpicking of stitches until I could get things right.  I did end up with some pieces slightly off grain, but I can live with that for my first effort. 

I think the fit and look of this skirt is just gorgeous, its beautifully done :-)


and yesterday I received a comment from Debbie which had me clicking away to see her version of the Marfy blouse - 1913.

I can't tell you just how much I love a vibrant pattern....although you probably already know that!  Her back slash is gorgeous, the fit is spot on  and the little buttons perfect.  Its a beauty for sure......

You can find more pictures and details on her blog -  Sew Debbie 

She says she is trying to decide whether to make the skirt next or another version of the blouse, can't wait to see which it is!


and I am thrilled to show you some pictures from Joan, a huge Marfy fan and a truly exceptional well as a incredibly lovely person!

We started emailing a little over a year ago, when I had mentioned in a post that I'd wanted to try some Marfy pants.  She so kindly sent me some amazing info on different patterns she had tried and pictures of each.

I asked her a few weeks ago if she would mind me sharing these,  as I think it is always so inspiring to see patterns made and worn by a real person.  

and after looking at all these pictures again,  I'm going to declare June pants month and conquer my irrational fear of them.....maybe...probably!

Poor Joan, I imagine lots of emails coming her way from me!!!!

Marfy 3046 / 0585 / 2490 / 2567 / 3033

Marfy 3033 snap detail




I actually read a couple of books this week while laying around in the sun :-)

I started with a true vacation easy read novel,  as I just love Janet Evanovich and had been hoarding this in anticipation.....this is not a Stephanie Plum but actually  from her new series Fox and O'Hare called The Chase .   Light fluffy and well written!

and can I highly recommend  The Orphan train by Christina Baker Kline.   I knew very little about the history of these trains that carried children in the 20's across American. 

Its actually a beautifully written novel,  following two main characters one in past and present...honestly I could not put it down.  I carried my kindle everywhere I went for the last few days!


Also,  I can't stop thinking about "Top of the lake  I am so behind on all these shows its ridiculous... I finally got around to watching this last month and still can't stop thinking about it.  (I found it on I-tunes eventually)

Incredible series....truly remarkable.  It's very intense though with its content....I really wish there were more being made of this quality plus you will never look at Elizabeth Moss in the same way again. Dad leaves late Wednesday and the rest of the week will be a mad dash to get my muslins made for Balimore, I leave on Sunday...wahoo!

I've decided on my patterns, bought stunning fabric from Alice of Mendel Goldberg and am ready to start :-)


Wishing everyone a really wonderful week...and if anyone could nudge this month into Spring I would be super grateful!


A week in pictures...

A week in pictures...

Marfy 2826...a slight change of plan...

Marfy 2826...a slight change of plan...