Style Arc's Carly and some new Marfy sew along pics....yey!

Style Arc's Carly and some new Marfy sew along pics....yey!

*The top three are shoots from a vacation a few weeks after the original post went much nicer to look at sun and sand, than snow!*


Not quite jumpsuit weather, but we did make it to 40 degrees today and it was so sunny,  it almost felt like summer was coming.....and i'll happily take it!

It was also very windy so the pants legs are looking a little wind swept :-)

I have to say overall I like this jumpsuit a lot more than I thought I would,  I made it with the beach in mind,  pant legs rolled up, sunscreen on.....

I don't ever see myself wearing this with a pair of heels but I made the pants long enough should the occasion ever arise!

This is in essence a wearable muslin that I tweaked as I sewed....I knew I wanted wider legs to make it less formal  and a drapier top, so I added two inches to the width of the pant and two inches to the length of the bodice, basting and then sewing when I liked the look.

and I am really glad I did,  as this would have been way to fitted for me otherwise. 

The adjustments were easy, I literally split the pant leg straight down the middle to add the extra width....waist to hem..

I used a very drapey crepe de chine, left the pants unlined,  and self lined the top by cutting two of everything, joining them around the front seam and then fell stitching the arm holes together by hand.

The welt pockets were optional as was the fake fly front but I did include both.  The welts went in fairly easily although the silk could have been a little thicker.... I ended up stitching the ends down with a tiny machine stitch to secure them rather than use a cross stitch from the inside.  I thought it might strain the fabric to much if I used them a lot.

All in all, this is a nice easy straight forward sew, as there is little to fit BUT  I was shocked at the instructions, they were so confusing, just awful.  I threw them out and made it up as I went along...

I think I am going to make this again in a printed silk,  its going to be a nice alternative to maxi dresses when summer finally rolls around...

and needless to say the teenagers have tried this on and asked me for their own...which did make me laugh!

So I am not sure, but as I have visitors here for the next few weeks I might be making a few of these in my quiet time as they are potentially quick and easy... 



And the first of the skirt pictures have started arriving!!!!!

I have to tell you when a email arrives with photo attachments from a sew along, it makes my day...seriously!

So huge thanks to Angela for making Wednesday perfect, I was thrilled to see her finished skirt, its just fabulous, and look at the fit!

and this is the kind of detail I adore, the skirt facings match her Marfy blouse...just beautiful.

Angela said "For the skirt I used a very soft, losely woven fabric.  I underlined it with silk organza. Hem and slit edges are finished with Hong-Kong finish. For the waist facing, I used a medium weight linen as interfacing and sewed it in several rows to the fashion fabric.  This gave it a good stability. I used a prickstich for the upper edge. The lining fabric is called "Cupro" in German, I do not know if it is the same in English? It is manufactured from cellulose fibers.
The skirt is really comfy, but it has a bit more flare than I like. 


and my wonderful camp couture friend Bernice has done it again, with three skirts!  

Bernice said "I had planned my first skirt, in lightweight denim underlined with muslin, to be a wearable muslin, but I goofed a bit on the fit.  It's a bit loose around the hips.  Unfortunately I top stitched the seams down and don't want to unpick them so I am leaving this as is. Lesson learned. 

I was much more careful with the next 2 skirts, so am much happier. I used some wool fabric from my stash for these. One is a lightweight wool tweed, underlined with silk organza, and lined with a bemberg rayon.  The other is a soft blue wool, underlined with silk organza, and lined with a polyester crepe de chine print.   These are fairly plain skirts that fill out my work wardrobe quite nicely; I expect them to get a lot of use.  

I am pleased now with this pattern and am envisioning lots of skirts to come :)  "


Honestly I just love them all, the fabric, the linings, the finishing...divine, thank you both again..

I'll add the pictures to the gallerys above, so keep them coming!



So not sure what the sewing plan is for next week, but hopefully something will happen :-)

*You might also have noticed at the top of the page there is a new section called Suppliers/Resources.  If you have a notion, a fabric store, or a underlining etc you love and would like to share,  send me a link or details, and I will add it....  Stores in Europe, Asia and Aus would be especially useful, as its nice to be able to offer suggestions during sew alongs... thanks! *

I'll leave you with the madness of the Chanel fall show, I think Karl just may have lost his marbles.....its entertaining for sure, but grocery shopping in leggings and ripped tops .. just no Karl no!.....

Chanel Fall runway show

and below from


By Tim Blanks

If Chanel's Spring show skewered the art world for the oligarchs' supermarket it has turned into, Karl Lagerfeld went one better for Fall and imagined the whole world as a megastore—un grand magasin—under the sign of the double C. The shelves of his extraordinarily detailed set were stacked with more than a hundred thousand items, brazenly advertised at 20 or 50 percent more. No bargains in these aisles. 

The labels of at least five hundred everyday products had been re-coded in Chanelspeak. Personal favorites included chic black cotton buds sold asbâtonnets élégants; boxes of handkerchiefs labeled Les Chagrins de Gabrielle; house paint in a color called Gris Jersey; detergent and potato chips; and, best of all, a hardware department that featured a chain saw with a real Chanel chain. The one that most entranced the locals was the recasting of a sac poubelle (garbage bag) as a sac plus belle (definitely not a garbage bag). There were also doormats printed with "Mademoiselle Privé." At show's end, as a locust horde descended on the shelves, those doormats were the day's key trophy—if you could get them past the security on the door of the Grand Palais. As Supermarket Sweep as the vibe was, the only goodies up for grabs were the fresh produce and the candies. 


Have a great week everybody!


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